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So much fun but educational too!

Great way to teach kids logical thinking and makes coding concepts easy to learn for little ones. We love the Foos!

Frequent content update

I am still playing the super foos and saw the Chinese New Year update. Keep up with the great job.

You can have it

You don't know how about it is to

I just want the Foos

The new version of the Foos app is teaching 🤣🤓

My granddaughter is learning

This game is teaching my little granddaughter- 3 years old - how to think. She loves it!

Sparks Life into Coding!!

My kids have been using the CodeSpark academy app for about a year. They love coding because of this app! The games and activities bring to life what it means to sequence, and problem solve. The staff is so helpful, and The Foos are so cute and loveable! My kids enjoy the whole experience! Thank you CodeSpark Academy for your excellent app, and sharing it with us!

Not like it at all and asking for money back!

I went through so many steps then it took all my card info. It supposed to charge after 7 days it charged right away. After all this trouble I cannot even sign in and this was supposed to be for my daughter.

App Keeps Crashing

When this app works, it is awesome. I teach coding to K-2 students and they love this app, but many of my students are frustrated because the app is constantly freezing and crashing! Please update!


They’ll hook you on the subscription and make it very difficult to cancel. My son thought he did it, but didn’t. Explained to them that the game hasn’t even been on his phone in a year, they still won’t refund him anything. Guess it’s a good greed lesson for my nine year old who just realized that’s where his iTunes gift cards have been going. Yay for expanding young minds.

Cancelled subscription at the beginning of the summer and STILL getting charged!

Oh well, it’s only $8.47 per month including tax which is annoying but not not the end of the world. I’ve reached out to them several times with no response but at this point I’ve paid over $80 for an app we don’t use. I’m sure I’ll get busy again this month and just say screw it after writing this and then forget to try for an umpteeth time to cancel. The App itself it awesome though and my kids loved it the first month or two they played it, the problem is that they don’t use apple devices and I’m not letting them use my iPad anymore. If I can get this reoccurring bill fixed (and yes I’ve canceled on their website) I’ll give them 5 stars for the app and 1 star for their billing. For what it’s worth, I don’t think they’re trying to rip anyone off, but after trying a few times to reach out and receiving no response and also going through their own cancelling process a few times, I’m getting annoyed~

This game

to weird make something cooler for 12 or 13 not four 4 eeeeew make a new game or I’ll get your game erased


Good and fun


It’s the best.

Are you kidding me?

So, my IPad broke, and when I was re installing all the apps, this app got completely changed! I mean, where’s all the levels and the free game I used to enjoy when I was younger?I would give this a zero star review if they had those.Apparently now you have to pay for everything.

It can be a bit bugy

The problem seems to have been corrected, so I’ve updated my rating. I appreciate the quick response. Original post: Often times a game will crash in mid-play, which then crashes the whole app. Looks like new code was release d last night that is generating a generic error message upon app launch. This is especially a bummer as our child showed his friends the app yesterday. They were so excited about it that their parents downloaded it today and are getting the generic error too. If possible, please include release notes in the future.

The best game I ever bought

It is very educational it also make’s me hungry for donuts

Awesome fun learning

Educational screen time for my child. She loves it and tries teaching code to others. She's oy 8!

Not worth $8 month

$96/year for this...that is disgraceful. Yet another example of in app purchases ruining a game. Do not support this greedy developer Your developer response is a load of crap... this is plain greed and arrogance, there are simply too many other good coding training apps that don’t rip off the customers. This type of company should be put out of business. Apple this is a stunning example of why in app purchases are ruining computer gaming.

A great app that teaches and entertains!

This is a highly entertaining and engaging app! I play with their Game Maker and I create my Mario style game to publish so my nieces can play it! My nieces then create their own game so I can play it! The great thing is that you are putting to use what you learn by creating and programming each section of your game. You start off with fun challenging levels which in turn teach you coding fundamentals like sequencing, looping, and conditionals. There are other parts of the game which include using automation to feed and collect your pets. The characters are fun and cute! Great fun for all, and I would recommend this to anyone who are preparing their kids for the future.

Why u have to pay

It took like hours to log in and now I have to pay monthly seriously

Not iPhone X optimized

Please add support for iPhone X

Unintuitive contra productive interface

After paying and signing in, first page doesn’t lead to anywhere. It has two active buttons, parent and teacher. After repetitive unavoidable filling out of my birthdate in both categories, teacher page leads nowhere, parent page leads to another page which doesn’t recognize that I am signed in, nor asks for it. Only one time showed up a page through same selection process with downloads, which was the only way to play one lesson and that was it. To get back to that page is through a labyrinth of repetitive actions, but still never showed up again. That alone is quenching user experience, and I will unsubscribe this application. I am not happy somebody published this application which feels like it’s early beta version (not to be published developmental stage). Hard to believe MIT was involved with this unless interfacing is very underestimated, outsourced and weakness of a brilliant mind which I was hoping can teach my child what I cannot.

Well done

My 6yr old loves this app. Easy enough for her to grasp the concepts and progress on her own, yet still find it fun and challenging.


Amazing! LOL!

Couldn’t even try a single lesson

I downloaded it but won’t let me use without paying first. Money hungry. Don’t waste your time downloading. There’s a lot of free apps out there offering the same stuffs. Even the most basic lesson is not free. Wow. Why bother selling a free app when you couldn’t even try it to see if it’s worth buying. HALER!!


My five year old, AaYoni, says "I like it because you learn how to put things in order".

Initially seen this on demo Pro Tablet

And I thought this was a free app and sadly it isn’t. $96 for a yr *$8 monthly is a lot- for a child to pay for or anyone— charge outright 12.99$ and update the app or 2.99$ a month- maybe this should be in the description- at the top-so it’s clear. Similar to Mario and yes it’s fun for a 10 year old child.


Warning this game costs money

Love it!

Great for students!

Granddaughter loves it

My granddaughter loves it

Just bought the lifetime subscription

Update: customer service is awesome and took care of everything. As the title says, bought the lifetime subscription: 1. Didn't receive a receipt from them 2. The app requires me to sign in every time I start it and then I have to press restore purchases, which hung the first time 3. Once I restore purchases there's no way to proceed to try a game. 4. I go to the parent area and that doesn't really have any options 5. Can't even open the teacher area as it does nothing after entering my pw Please reach out to me CS. I would like this to work and do not want to have to ask for a refund.

Absolutely terrible

I hated it... It is literally so hard just to log in!!! I had to reset my password then after that I typed it in and it said ERROR I literally tried so many times!!!!😫 Then you have to pay just to play the game!!!!! It is crazy! That app should not need to be payed that much!!! I hate it! It needs to be fixed....🙄

Just amazing!

This is an amazing app! My first graders love using it and cannot wait for iPad lab time just to use this app. Best of all, it is free for educators! The interface is kid friendly as well as for adults. It is easy to access and use. There is a curriculum that goes with the app and is aligned to the state standards.

Not worth it

Good idea but not worth the price. My four-year-old loved it so I put it on multiple devices but ended up being charge multiple times in one month. Developers do not care and never respond to inquiries save your money and buy a tutor

No. Forces you to sign up with card

This game appears to be free but when you open the app you are immediately prompted to sign up with your credit card for a trial you can “cancel at any time.” So you can’t try it free without providing your payment info and signing up. So just no.

Glitch in the game

First of all, when I signed up. I tryed paying with my credit card, But the keyboard didn’t show up!


So I downloaded the app I made an account but then BOOM it goes in a glitch and I restarted the game but then it would not go on my account Please Help!!!!

Paid Subscription Required to Play this Game!!

My kid plays this every time we’re at Best Buy and loves it. He’s been begging for it at home so I decided to download it for him. First thing... it requires you to create an account. Strange, I don’t want to give some random app my information but I just toss a bunch of characters on the page to make a fake email and password and move on. Next... it wants me to sign up to pay SEVEN NINETY NINE A MONTH TO USE THIS GAME!!! That’s a higher annual price than we pay for a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live account!!!!! What’s wrong with you people!? I wouldn’t pay $7.99 for unlimited use of this game. $5 maybe. Certainly not $96 a year good God!!! Now I have an angry child. Thanks dev!


I first thought you couldn’t play it unless you payed money.Actully you have a7 day free trial.I love the game I even made agame! Get it if you like to code.

So far... it's engaging and fun!

We like it!

NOT free

Listed as free, but not really. You get a 7 day free trial, then after that it's $7.99 a month. That's just what we citizens need, MORE monthly bills. Seems that's the direction everything is headed now, where nothing is ever paid for and everything costs you monthly for the rest of your life.

Best Educational Game Ever!!!

Your kids will love it. It has a lot of different levels. You can build your own worlds. So you should really, really get it!

A very interesting kids programming app

This app is one of the best and interesting. My son enjoys a lot

Really awesome !

I really really like it ! I wish they could set up my classroom. I would like to track their performance.

This is a very good app

Thank you for making this app my kids love it! I would like some more actions tho for creating levels! Thanks for everything!


It's the best game in the world!!!

Purchase failure

I am trying to sign up for the free trial to see if my son likes the game but I keep getting “purchase failure, unknown reason. Error 7” after putting in my birth year. Please let me know how to proceed because I think he would really enjoy this.

So Much Fun!

This is a great way to start learning to code. It's easy for kids to pick up and start playing. I'm having fun trying out all of the games the kids have made in the app too!

Love it

Love it

Speaking of coding...

(Update: they fixed the problem! Yaaaay!) I was going to sign my youngest up for this app, but when I installed it, went to Parent, and tried to add my email address it wouldn’t bring up my keyboard on my iPhone. I can see the cursor blinking but it doesn’t give me an option to type anything (by automatically pulling up the iPhone keyboard.)

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