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Log in key board error

The app is great but as a teacher I can not access the keyboard when I sign in on an iPad or iPhone

Keyboard doesn’t work on iOS 11

Keyboard doesn’t show up when trying to create an account. Doesn’t allow pasting either. Completely unusable app.

Can’t register on iOS 11

The keyboard doesn’t show up for me to enter my email etc

They love it - and so do I!

My little ones love this game! They are having so much fun, they don't even realize they're learning. My favorite thing about this app (and previously, The Foos) is that it really instills confidence - not just in coding but in everything that they do. They've become every-day little problem solvers. It has helped them in so many ways that I went ahead and purchased the lifetime subscription. I've even made my own profile so I can learn to code and now they're teaching me! Keep up the great work, codeSpark!

No free content

They'll gladly give you a seven day free trial, but I'm not going to subscribe to something I'll forget to cancel later. Bummer.

Cool game😎😎😎😎😎

I love this game it's so fun and funny somehow I just LOVE THIS

A wonderful app! An excellent game to spur learning!

This game is excellent and my nieces are crazy about it! The Game Maker allows them to create their own games using all the concepts they learned from the story/puzzle levels such as if/then, sequencing, and loops. The new addition to the app, Pet Pals, allows them to program the Foos to take care of pets that need to be fed and cared for. The idea here is that coding can be automated especially when they are looped. Some programs (represented by Foos) can clean up after the pets, while some can feed and play with the pets. They are tons of fun that keeps kids engaged in creative ways. The Game Maker is still my favorite part, though. This is similar to Mario Maker, except that you get to program each block of the game you create. You can code a block to jump on its own or react to another character that is touching it. The creativity one can have is limitless and kids can share their levels with others. I have to say I've seen some ingenious levels created by these kids! I myself find the Game Maker a ton of fun to use and have created some challenging levels myself. Great app!

My girls love this app!

It's so cool they are having fun AND learning something useful...

Codespark Junier

I love this app 👍🏾😁

7.99 doesn't work out

7.99 a month and the app is not working!

Waist of money

I've contacted codespark multiple times to ask why it crashes, can't sign in and can't get past the home screen. No response. $7.99 a month and it only worked through our free trial. Was hoping my boys would love it, but they can't even play it. Our characters are there but can't click on them. Would be happy to change my review if it worked.

Current version keeps failing!

The current version keeps crashing while running the pet automation, often after doing just a single "day".

This is NOT FREE

Once you download the app you are required to sign up for a $7.99/month subscription and enter your email address with a password. This should be included in their description in the App Store.

Really fun and easy to follow game

The graphics and design of the game are great which makes it fun and it's easy to follow.

My students are loving this app

My students get to use this app as an award for getting their classwork completed. They live it and work hard for it!


Seems very easy to use and learn so far

Great app

very addictive I hope it stays free as a teacher games like this

Best game

My son loves playing The Foos and he'd probably play it all day long if I let him. The stages are challenging, constantly changing and he gets to build his own games. We've had it for 2 years now and I'm amazed by how much this game has evolved. This paid version is much more advanced than the free version.

So awsome

This game is so awsome and it is a realy awsome fodring game for all Ages

Pretty decent

It's pretty good on coding. On some things you create your own level and try to beat it, and there are some better coding games but this one probably fits kids the most.

Code spark

She has lots of fun 💕💕

My kids love this game!

My kids and i all love this game! It's fun while teaching the different coding components.


This is a great game to help kids start coding. It starts out simple but gets harder as you go. Great game!

Super excited

My 5 year old is excited to play this game and is able to complete the levels all on her own :)


This game really helps kids develop there coding skills I'm a kid and think this game is great so does my little brother I recommend this game to 8 or younger kids

How to cancel subscription?

Seemed like a good app, but have yet to find out how to cancel, as it is no longer used. Wrote an email to these people on their website and No Reply!! Best not to get roped into this one unless it will be in constant use, and you're not concerned about cost!



Incredible Learning and Constructive Challenges

I have my 4 year old learning from CodeSpark and he couldn't be more excited. He gets 30minutes each day on his iPad for learning, and this is where he spends it. The challenges are well...challenging and it's forcing him to use his mind in different ways. We've loved the experience so much that my 2 year old is now on board. The game play is surreal, incredibly well done and the creator / devs were very thoughtful in their workflow. No details were missed and the characters and awesome. Customer Support is phenomenal, and their Twitter response time is amazing. Very pleased and blessed that this is what's educating my kids. Worth the subscription without question!

Footastic Fun

We've been using the Foos for about 3 weeks and the kids love it. The Foos is a great start to learning basic coding concepts and it does not require a lot of support from a parent or teacher. I highly recommend the Foos!

Nice game balance

My 6yo likes to do different aspects of the game

"Trial" is behind a paywall

Receive error 0 when trying to sign up for a trial through the app. Finally just went to the website only to find that you have to give them your payment info for the trial. No reputable company forces their customers to pay for a trial unless you cancel anymore. The software may be great, but this policy is a huge misstep.


You will love ❤️ the game it is super easy and fun.

Easy to start, kids love the games!

"It is really entertaining and fun" says Ronan (7) Nicely made, works kids through programming concepts smoothly.

I need to unsubscribe

My daughter closed the free trial without knowing that she will have to pay, now she is suscribe and I don't have any idea how to unsubscribe from this game 😡


This app used to be free, then they started charging an unreasonable fee for previously free content on the same app. I understand developers need compensation, but they could have found a way less alienating to their customer base. I would gladly buy this app if it were a paid app, but the price they ask is criminal. Update: the developer reached out to me and I respect that. It's a good app that I liked using. I can't support the price they ask, though. The monthly fee is still much too high for what the app offers. It's a good app for teaching logic, though there are cheaper apps such as lightbot and hopscotch that cover similar concepts for a fraction of the cost.

Fun game

Great game

No thanks.

$8 a month for a child's app. No thanks.

"Free" App

You have to pay for the app after like a week "free trial" - with no other option(s). 0/10. Will not download this trash again. Don't lie to a potential customer.

Log in issues

I've been trying to log on to this game for two days but no matter what I do it gives errors. Password has been reset multiple times and written down separately to confirm it was being entered correctly yet it still does not work. Daughter loves the game but currently cannot play. Update: After uninstalling and reinstalling the game, it appears the issue has been cleared. Thank you for the response.

So so awesome

I love the game the Foos and I love that you are able to make a little game.

Great learning tool

My kids love this game! We've got a 9 year old who has reached the end, though (may need additional content for older or more advanced kids). Our five and seven year olds are making quick progress as well. They beg to play so we use it as a reward for good behavior!

Creative Coding Course

Students in my school have awoken their creativity through the Foos Academy course units and, in the end, creation of their own games to share with classmates. Outstanding method for introducing basic coding skills and understanding how computers 'think'. Please keep growing and adding to Fooville and the Foos!

Subscription required

This app costs $7.99/month. I don't even want to try it if it's going to cost that much. What if I just want a basic introduction to coding for my kid who has never done it before and will just use the program a few minutes a week? Why not just price out individual modules as in app purchases?



Exceeded expectation!

My 4 year old loves it!

Fun pre-coding game

My 7 year old is enjoying learning pre-coding skills

Very good

It is an amazing app you get to create your own level then play themit is better than Minecraft there's also a part where you put your levels on there and other people play them

I haven't even given it to my son yet

I'm have too much fun playing.


bbbbaaaaaddddd game was boring and monotonous:( 😁🙂😐😑😕😠😫😡😡👿😈

The fun mission

I saw my child delightfully playing this game. She said it was full of wonder, journeys, adventure, and fun. She got to play this game because I once downloaded her a game called Minecraft SprachBox. She liked it and asked me to download another game like Minecraft SprachBox. I thought about it and downloaded Mr.Coisa's carrots , But she thought it was worse than Minecraft SprachBox. I tried Pearl Chase, splitter critters, and journey through worlds, but none of the games were as good as The Foos. Later on, I downloaded a game called Mathy Foos. She liked it a lot, but none of the Games I downloaded(including Aim At Me) were as good as the Foos.

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