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Code Spark Academy with the Foos

I haven’t beat Crocodile Catch yet, but I love the kit.


I like the crocodile game.

Can’t use

Paid and started and it keeps asking for parent birthdate without leading anywhere. No green play button. Help.

excellent learning game for kids and for adults

this is an excellent game and tool for my kid to learn the coding basics. i love it

Can’t do anything without activating a membership

I understand that it’s what the developer wants, but I’m tired of starting trials and forgetting to cancel.

Plz make free!

My kids wanted to learn how to code. I got this game for them and I made an account. I was expecting an instant tutorial but all I saw was a sign saying “buy a monthly membership to continue .” This disappointed me so I deleted this app and sorry.

Requires recurring eight dollar payment

I’ll pay once.

My students love the Foos!

This is a great app that teaches the fundamentals of coding while having fun! The levels build upon each other and give students the differentiation they need to succeed.

Can’t start trial or make purchase????

Something is wrong please help


When I was trying to sign in and I got my password and email right it keeps saying I spelt something wrong I got so angry I hate this game

This is awesome

This is easy and Cool. And awesome

Excellent app

codeSpark is a great app to introduce young students to coding. It does a great job at showing coding concepts in an easy to follow may. codeSpark uses blocks to get students started. From codeSpark, students have the foundation to go anywhere! Great app!

Learning disguised as play

I used codeSpark with my 2nd graders last year as an end of year coding activity. The students enjoyed the app and stayed engaged in the learning activities. I plan to use codeSpark this year with my 3rd and 4th graders starting at the beginning of the year.

Multi-Ability Interface

I am impressed by the visual programming aspect that reaches many in my classroom. The drag and drop features are a plus. Students will become comfortable with using computational thinking strategies.


Looking forward to using this with students.

Amazing app

I use this app in my classroom it has great connections to computational thinking for all grade levels! I would highly recommend!

Amazing app and my kids love it!!!!!

I teach K-5 computer science and my students are actively engaged the entire time! I like having the teacher portal to see my students successes!

Coding fun

I just came upon code spark, and my kids are loving it. I’m a teacher and a mom, so my kids are the summer time test subjects. :) I am looking forward to introducing the program to my class in the upcoming school year. I’m always looking out for different ways to introducing computer science to 2nd grade.

My Class Loved This App

Another teacher introduced me to CodeSpark. My 4th grade students used the app during the last 5 months of the school year. It was immediately a hit. It was highly engaging and offered both coding activities as well as free choice games. Many of my students finished all of the coding levels before the end of the year.

4yr old approved

Love that my 4 year old can start learning coding basics without knowing how to read! He can just right in and figure out things for himself!

STEM Director

Wonderful experience at Omaha CTSA Summit !! Great tool to teach CS ! Thank you

Love this product!

We are so excited to bring this product to our school district! We love Glitch!

CS Teacher perspective

It is refreshing to see some CS learning for very young age groups. This platform will support the upcoming CS mandates in school districts, which can be particularly difficult for early education teachers.

Great game

Got this for my daughter she loves it!!

Great coding lessons

My 5-year-old is teaching me about loops and sequencing for way less than a coding class - we love it!


Absolutely love this app for my 8 year old. We’ve tried other similar coding apps in the past but this one has kept his attention.

Great app

I really like this app. I’m the edtech coordinator at a school in Mexico, and we use code spark in the tech classes. Kids love it!

Kids love The Foos!

As a technology teacher I have used the online version of this app to teach coding to my K-2 students. Funny thing is, they continue to ask to play it well into middle school. It is captivating, great for nonreaders, and the kids are so busy having fun they don’t realize they are learning in the process.


I 😍😍😘 👌 Love ❤️ The Foos

CodeSpark - the Foos for the Win!!

I used the Foos from CodeSpark to introduce my 1st & 2nd graders to coding. It was very engaging for students with the variety of characters, the "star" based feedback for performance and self pace. I used it in a paired programming delivery first than allowed students to work independently with frequent teacher check in as a station. When students were ready and moved on to independent work/play in the Foos... I found that there would often play through as far as they could go and disregard the number of "stars" they earned to reflect mastery of a level. I would simply tell them they would need to go back through and work each level until they did master (earn all 3 stars) for each level before they could move on. I feel that the Foos is a great start... engagement is instantaneous. I am looking forward to projected updates for the Fall. It was really easy to set up to create student friendly logins. I really like the dashboard but I know I am not using it to it's full potential but it certainly meets my needs for my afterschool code club. I still have a lot to test in the CodeSpark family of products as I work through more of the resources they have available. I hope that the latest PD offerings will help me to integrate more of the products and levels with more of my student population.

Love it!

Great app for coding. My students love it!

Great Into app

Great intro app for kids!

Fun app for coding and learning!

Great app for coding with little ones! Love the blue monster mascot!

Great coding app

Simple to use. Great app!!!

Awesome app

Great coding app

Codespark Rocks!!!

Great for coding for kids!! My kids love it!!!


Very realistic and has more 3d features then other softwares.


Very realistic graphics! Very engaging!

Amazing coding for all ages

My students and my own children can’t get enough of Code Spark. They love all of the seasonal new things!!!!!

A dignified approach

I remember 2 years ago i wrote a review about codespark. I was complaining about the subscription. I was 8 and a half. I am now 10 and will try at a much more dignified approach. I will start of with the fact that there are parents complaining about this subscription. But there are equally as many that are not mad about it. you can improve by -removing the subscription and making the app 7.99 in general for people who haven't downloaded this app yet (i have downloaded it) -just do nothing I'm not forcing you to remove the subscription but i am saying to simply reduce the price to $0.99-$2,99 a month (but i want you to remove the subcription) It's your choice to remove it and i hope you do. -Nathan eugenio-alba age 10

There is no play button

This is so boring

How I like the Foos app

I really like the Foos I had it since I was 3 but didn’t have it for long and now I’m 6 and have it forever.

The Foos

This game is the best every body should get this app


This is awesome I get to play all day on summers think about that coding laughing and fun

Pay to play

Junk have to pay to play it. To bad can’t give zero stars.


Tried to see what this was all about. But paywall is in the second screen of app. Very disappointed.

This game is a waste of bucks.

I wouldn’t recommend to buy this game. It tells you to buy a subscription (which drives me nuts!) AND it won’t leave you any choice but to buy it. If you spend your money and time on this DELETE IT! Or else you will become poor and cannot provide yourself and your family. I’d give a 0 star because I cant tolerate it. Only if there was a way…

Fun for Kindergarteners

I use The Foos with my kindergarteners and they love it. They work in teams of two & never cease to amaze me with with their abilities!

Great educational game

Lots of options out there but as a teacher and parent I haven’t found anything that keeps kids attention while actually building skills like the Foos. Great software

Age appropriate

It’s important for little ones to learn to think in sequence, to look for patterns and to adopt an iteration mindset. This program supports that as they have fun.

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